These are the sights that most of Aruba's visitors come and see. Depending on the type of tour (half island or full island), you may see these with us. But once again special requests are always welcome and if it's on our route path we would gladly put in an extra stop.

Here are just a few sights with a short description. Enjoy and see you soon.
Natural Bridge Natural Bridge is one of the most visited sights. Unfortunately it collapsed in 2005. But it remains a desired place to visit because of the view and terrain. Besides there is still a smaller bridge right next to it. Divi Divi tree The Divi Divi Tree is one of the famous tree's of Aruba. It can be seen anywhere on the island but the ones at the beaches still remains the favourites to take pictures of.
Rock Formation One of the Rock Formation parks that we like to visit is Casibari. On top of casibari you can see the whole city of Aruba and the harbour. Also a few hotels and Hooiberg, which is a high mountain that you can't miss. Indian Paintings While being at the rock formations or other rocky parts of the island, you may see some old Indian Paintings. These paintings were made by the Carib-Arawak indians before the Dutch arrived on Aruba.
California Lighthouse California Lighthouse doesn't sound much like an Arubian name does it? It has it's own story of how it got that name. Another reason to visit this lighthouse is of course the amazing view up there. Oranjestad Oranjestad is the capital city of Aruba. We have many brightful and colorful buildings. You can see the Dutch influences in them. Besides the name Oranjestad means Orange city in Dutch. Named after the royal family of holland.
Goldmine Ruines So you like gold too. Goldmine Ruines is a place a lot of people like to visit. Not only because it was a goldmine but the building itself is unique and definitely not enough left around to see. Aruba's beaches And how can we leave this one out: Aruba's Beaches. Let's be honest now, one of the main reasons visitors come to Aruba is because of our beaches. We are proud of it also. Our beaches are naturally white. If you like diving don't forget that we have some beautiful perfect spots too.

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